Nese Nongi

Nese Nongi is a teacher. Unlike many, Nese didn’t grow up with a dream to be a teacher. Nese grew up with the reality of her parents telling her that teaching was what she was going to do. At the age of 21, having completed school to grade 6 a number of years before, Nese […]

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Hands of Blessings as Daniel is ordained

Moments. Captured seconds. Some moments in time capture an emotion, a feeling, a celebration of something bigger than the other moments that continually tick through our lives. What’s special about this photo? It captures a moment in a story. It doesn’t just encapsulate the start or the end of a journey, but it embodies the […]

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‘Border Crossings’ Issue 23

In this latest issue of Border Crossings, read about the partnership between Ipswich Lutheran Church, Qld and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Myanmar; be introduced to the Lutheran Church in Malaysia’s new Lutheran Education Malaysia; read about how God is opening doors through Reconciliation Ministry in Indonesia and Japan; meet the Sprau family planning to serve in […]

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