Is God calling you to PNG?

The people of the Lutheran churches in Papua New Guinea (PNG) hold a special place in the hearts of many LCA/NZ members. In fact, our history cannot be fully told without constant reference to our mission partnership in PNG and the many LCA people who have served there since 1886. What began as a mother-child […]

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Spreading the Word

There are 7361 known living languages, including sign languages, in use in the world right now. However, readers of only 683 of these languages have the complete Bible available, with another 1534 languages having just a New Testament translation. While there is translation and/or linguistic development happening in 2658 languages across more than 170 countries, […]

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Congregations affected by new regulations

Any LCA congregation which supports an overseas organisation or conducts activities overseas is now responsible for ensuring its donations and other forms of support get to the right places and in the right way. Coming into effect in July this year, new government regulations are intended to minimise the risk of children and other vulnerable […]

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