Myanmar church gives to bushfire relief

In a moving show of generosity and Christian partnership, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Myanmar (ELCM)/Lutheran Bethlehem Church has donated three Sundays’ worth of offerings towards bushfire relief through the LCA/NZ. Despite being based in a poor South-Eastern Asian nation in which more than 30 per cent of people live below the poverty line of […]

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Life – a journey worth embracing

Anyone who has willingly hiked 1100 kilometres has to love the journey. For 68-year-old Queenslander Anne Maczkowiack, walking the 800 kilometre Camino De Santiago trail across Spain was only a part of a post-retirement reward in 2014. She and husband Robert decided to add an extra 300 kilometres to start from Barcelona. That says something […]

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Serving in a Global Context

In our ‘modern’ world, a common perception is that we are able to connect globally more than ever before. Smart phones, satellites, cyberspace and airplanes make this an easy presumption. Nevertheless, is it true? The bible speaks of a connectedness that far outweighs our handheld devices and all manner of technological connectivity. READ: Matt 28: […]

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