About Ian Hutchinson

Ian belongs to St Paul’s Lutheran Church at Broken Hill NSW, where he is a Lay Reader and Pastoral Assistant.  He is a strong believer in the power of God’s Word and has maintained a personal daily Quiet Time, using Scripture Union Daily Bible Reading Notes since Year 8 at Marion High School in 1964.

He obtained an Arts degree at Adelaide University in 1969-71 and secondary teaching qualifications at Adelaide Teachers College in 1972, then taught History, English and German at Penola High School & Yorketown Area School.

After 2 years at the Bible College of SA, Ian joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and spent 4 years supervising literacy programs in Papua New Guinea from 1980-84.

He completed a Special Education degree at Finders University in 1990 and spent 20 years at Willyama High School, Broken Hill, as a Special Education teacher, working with mildly intellectually disabled students.  He retired in 2011 and still lives in Broken Hill. His wife, Helen, passed away there in 2017.

Ian has been accepted with Wycliffe Bible Translators again and re-assigned to PNG as the Highlands Audio Project Manager.

He is currently awaiting his Work Permit and Visa and will then be on his way to work at the PNG-SIL centre at Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands Province.

His goal there is to put 10 completed New Testament translations in to recorded (audio) form over the next 10 years, so that the WORD can be HEARD.

He says, “I left PNG in 1984, but PNG has never left me.  I am excited about the prospect of returning there soon, in response to the command of Jesus to ‘make disciples of all nations’.”

“I have seen how hard it is for the village people in PNG to read, because their culture is verbal and oral, with little focus on reading.  Romans 10:17 says, ‘Faith comes by what is heard and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ’.”

“I understand that there are several hundred completed, published New Testament translations in PNG.  Some are well used, but I suspect many are not.  My plan is to give people access to these Scriptures in their own language, by training locals to read and then record these New Testaments.”

“Then people can listen to the Scriptures either personally on their phone apps, etc, or in their churches and home groups, suing solar powered devices with amplification.  As at Pentecost, God’s Word comes alive when people hear it clearly in the language of their own heart & mind.”

“I praise God for the excellent health and strength that He has given me and look forward to a partnership with the wider Lutheran Church of Australia through its International Mission services, especially through the prayer support of the church.”

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