Sabah Theological Seminary, celebrating 30 years


In your prayers this month you’re invited to pray for:

– Warren and Marianne Schirmer as they share the stories of our partner churches with congregations, schools in Queensland and with the Lutheran Women in Queensland
– Nevin Nitschke, Neville Highett, Anthony Mueller and Susan Hawke travelling to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to observe our partnerships in education. Rev James Winderlich and Dr Stephen Haar travelling to Papua New Guinea and meeting with staff from Martin Luther Seminary
– Mick Hauser as he is conferred his ‘preaching license’ at a service at martin Luther Seminary in Lae, PNG, as part of his journey to ordination
– Staff (Craig and Ivan) and students (Amy, Anneka, Brittany, Sarah, Benson and Ben) from Faith Lutheran College, Tanunda travelling to Indonesia as part of their partnership with SMA HKBP Tarutung
– Medical teams assisting with eye screening and operations in Cambodia through the Lutheran Church in Cambodi
– The Sabah Theological Seminary, Malaysia celebrating their thirtieth anniversary
– Those who attended the Missions Interlink Short-Term Training, designed to provide an environment in which participants are stimulated to think and learn more about the challenges of living and working as a ‘short-termer’ in a cross-cultural setting


Join us in prayer

Prayer is a vital part of engagement in God's mission. Through prayer we hear God's voice, and he helps us to see people and situations the way he does.

You are invited to join in God's mission by praying for (and with) our partners in mission, month by month.

Earlier Calendars

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