Mr Ridwin Purba, Indonesian Lutheran Education Secretary for the LWF National Committee


In your prayers this month you’re invited to pray for:

– Young adults from Australia, New Zealand and Myanmar travelling to Myanmar for the beginning of the Grow Leadership program
– Mr Ridwin Purba, Indonesian Lutheran Education Secretary for the LWF National Committee, as he provides support for education reform and capacity building in Lutheran schools in Indonesia
– The Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) in Singapore #badge4change campaign, that people will be encouraged to be intentional in engaging with others through building connected communities
– Members of St. Paul’s, Wellington NZ who are supporting the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand (ELCT) Lua evangelists in northern Thailand
– The Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA), whose generosity and prayerful support allows Jesus’ love to be shared among our partnering churches and in Australia and New Zealand
– All people in the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand as we live the love of Jesus Christ in our homes, neighbourhoods, countries and the world. May our hearts be open to sharing the love he has for us, with others
– Professor Wendy Mayer, Associate Dean for Research at Australian Lutheran College, as she gives guidance and advice for scholarship students from our partnering countries


Join us in prayer

Prayer is a vital part of engagement in God's mission. Through prayer we hear God's voice, and he helps us to see people and situations the way he does.

You are invited to join in God's mission by praying for (and with) our partners in mission, month by month.

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