God has wonderful ways of turning simple gifts into great blessings. The Lutheran Church of Australia’s Stamps for Mission project has raised nearly $425,000! All proceeds are donated to LCA International Mission programs and projects. This is possible due to the dedication of volunteers who collect, clean, package and sell the stamps.

Stamps for Mission was established in 1938 through the efforts of Pastor Ted Koch and Mr Ern Unger. Ern became the first stamp receiver and did this for the next 65 years, encouraging many others along the way. 2018 marks ten years since LCA International Mission (formally Board for Mission) took over the Stamps for Mission project from the Lutheran Youth of Australia. It is overwhelming to think how much money has been raised from those seemingly worthless used stamps. We thank God for His blessing through this project.

Preparing stamps

If you would like to join in God’s mission in this way, please post your used stamps to one of our wonderful volunteer stamp receivers (listed opposite). To make life easier for them, we’ve prepared some guidelines for you, as you prepare your stamps for them. Download the guidelines.

To print a poster which you can display at your stamp collection point download the poster here.

2019 Programs and Projects supported by Stamps for Mission

Chak Mun, Field Coordinator in Cambodia
Through your support, Field Coordinator Chak Mun supports projects and programs of the Lutheran Church in Cambodia. This includes initial planning, facilitating meetings, coordinating training, following up with locals on monitoring and evaluating existing projects, introducing assets based community development approaches and sustainable development concepts. In a country which is more than 95 per cent Buddhist, to see so many people come forward to become children of a new family in Jesus speaks to the powerful work that God is doing in the hearts of his people in Cambodia.

Courses on Lutheran Distinctions, Myanmar
Through your support, the courses on Lutheran Distinctions in Myanmar is having a profound impact on participants. Pastors and lay leaders from the four Lutheran church bodies that form the Federation of Lutheran Churches in Myanmar are invited to participate in the courses. What does the Lutheran church share with other Christian denominations? What are the reasons for being different in specific doctrines and practices? These questions are important in a country where many religions and Christian denominations compete for people’s hearts and commitment. A practical side effect of the combined seminars is that pastors and lay leaders get to know each other beyond the boundaries of their own church bodies.

Lutheran theological literature for Indonesia
Imagine wanting to unpack what Jesus means in your life when most of the theological books are written in another language! The leaders of the 13 LWF member churches in Indonesia continue to ask for our support to translate Lutheran theological material into the Indonesian languages. To be ‘saved by grace’  through Jesus Christ becomes clearer when you can read and understand what you are studying in your own language. Your support enables more books to be translated and more hearts to be touched by God’s grace.

Ogelbeng seminary in Papua New Guinea
Ogelbeng seminary, in the Papua New Guinea highlands, trains pastors in the pidgin dialect so they can return to their local communities and proclaim the gospel. Your support helps in the training of these pastors and their young families who live at the seminary, as they are equipped for the task of ministry. Many of these young pastors will not be paid a salary in their ministry and part of their responsibility at the seminary is to grow their own food crops as they live and study in community.

Orang Asli (indigenous people) of Malaysia
The Lutheran Church in Malaysia are reaching out to the indigenous Orang Asli, many of whom are leaving traditional spiritual beliefs to follow Jesus. Not all in these communities are believers yet, therefore your support enables the bringing of the message of Jesus Christ and the freedom from fear his loves brings, to these people. Despite the absence of luxuries such as the wonders of modern technology, the Orang Asli are coming to know joy and happiness because they are hearing that their Heavenly Father has redeemed them, he has called them by name and they are his.

The Lua evangelists, Nan Province, Thailand
The living God is at work in Northern Thailand through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand and your support of the Lua evangelists, who share their faith with the local people living there. This faith is deeper than the human thoughts, spoken words and logical arguments for faith that we often turn to. Faith lives in their innermost being, raw and unedited. It connects them with the Creator God who overcomes all evil. The Spirit has made them into new people, the image of Christ. While to the world they might look poor and underprivileged, in him they are truly rich beyond measure.

Download the programs/projects flyer or contact the LCA International Mission office to request hard copies.

Need more inspiration?

Read these stories about our stamp receivers and the difference Stamps for Mission is making in God’s mission.


If you have any questions about Stamps for Mission, please contact Peter Nitschke, the national Stamps for Mission project director, on 0418 868 103 or at

Your Stamp Receivers

  • Arthur Schuster, 17 Titheradge Place, Chapman ACT 2611
  • Marie Bahr, 452 Kemp Street, Lavington NSW 2641
  • Ruth MacConnachie, 16 Village Bay Close, Marks Point NSW 2280
  • Marie Hamann, 39 Raymond Road, Springwood NSW 2777
  • Myrtle Truss, Unit 22 Hibiscus Retirement Village, 55 Carter Road, Nambour QLD 4560
  • Eric Wilson, LEQ Office, PO Box 1535 Milton QLD 4064
  • Erica Bowden, PO Box 1926, McLaren Flat SA 5175
  • Joy Mules, PO Box 141, Barmera SA 5343
  • Geoff Roocke, 15 Chitunga Road, Eden Hills SA 5050
  • Jackie Standish, 7 East Parkway, Fulham SA 5024
  • Sadie Voigt, 12 Stuart Street, Nuriootpa SA 5355
  • Karl Vieth, 60 Clarence Street, Bellerive TAS 7018
  • Ruth Ahearn, 1 Cameron Street, Hamilton VIC 3300
  • Thelma Handreck, 5 Westacott Street, Hamilton VIC 3300
  • Ingrid and Klaus Harder, 29 Pearce Street, Wodonga VIC 3690
  • Marie Hill, 42 Park Hall Village Place, Wodonga VIC 3690
  • Shirley Jorgensen, 153 Katyil-Wail Road, Dimboola VIC 3414
  • Burnard Nitschke, 22 Berkley Road, Ringwood VIC 3134
  • Cliff and Dawn Ziersch, Villa 52/58 Canna Drive, Canningvale WA 6153