Lutheran congregations, schools, communities, families and individuals are being energised and encouraged in God’s mission by partnering with overseas churches. They are discovering how much they learn and grow through the experience, as each partner enriches the other.

Partnerships can include:

  • praying for each other
  • fundraising for specific projects
  • receiving newsletters and updates
  • exchange visits between partner agencies or groups.

LCA International Mission has a established relationships with a number of trusted overseas partner churches, and we encourage you to work with us and these churches in establishing your partnership.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about partnerships, please contact LCA International Mission: email or telephone (08) 8267 7300. These documents will also provide a good deal of information to get you started:

Click here to read stories about partnerships, or to watch a video about possible partnership opportunities. This selection of stories (below) might also inspire you to get started on a partnership.

We’re here to support you

LCA International Mission has a good deal of experience in supporting teams and individual volunteers in their preparation for visits to other countries. We can provide you with suggested packing lists, cultural notes and some basic language notes. We can also give you helpful information about keeping safe and avoiding cultural pitfalls when visiting another country and people.

Developing a partnership through LCA International Mission also gives you the confidence that your overseas partner has accountability measures in place and will be as committed to the partnership as you are.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about partnerships; email or telephone (08) 8267 7334.