Myanmar calling

Since 2007, Dianne and I have been involved with Myanmar mission work, having travelled there quite a number of times now. In early September 2019 we arrived in Myanmar and spent five weeks doing volunteer work. On the night we arrived, I went to bed and prayed to God, as I was feeling overwhelmed and […]

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A Scholarship of Blessings

I was born into a non-Christian family. Through the religious classes taught during secondary school and attending youth fellowship, I heard about Jesus Christ and was baptised on Christmas day of 1981. Ten years later, the Lord called me to serve full-time in ministry and I took up my theological training in the Malaysia Baptist […]

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Fruit of the Spirit

For more than 11 years, the Apricots for Compassionate Ministries Project has been operating in South Australia’s Riverland. Each year, thousands of dollars have been raised from the sale of dried apricots and sent to support those at the forefront of building God’s kingdom through the practical demonstration of Jesus’ love. In keeping with Jesus’ […]

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