Lua people learn about free gift of life

Khun Neun leads us through the village of Ban Pakho where she serves as an evangelist with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand. There are 20 houses in this village, with seven to 10 people living in each house. The Lua people are a minority ethnic group native to Laos. Ban Pakho is situated in […]

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‘Our exile is an act of God’

Many of us would have heard stories about people being stranded far from home, due to global government-imposed lockdowns to limit the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The media has shared pictures of distraught Aussies stuck in South America and tales of those who are desperate to return to loved ones and familiar surroundings. However, […]

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Pastor, Missionary, Teacher – A Tribute to John Strelan

Many readers of Border Crossings would know that one of our former missionaries, Dr John Strelan, died recently. ‘Joe’, as he was usually known, was born in 1936, the third of ten children born to Peter and Erica Strelan, nee Appelt. As a young fellow he studied at Concordia College and Seminary, graduating in 1959. […]

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