Scholarship holder Thessa Elisabeth Sinaga, studying music at the Indonesian Education University in Bandung


In your prayers this month you’re invited to pray for:

– Scholarship holder Thessa Elisabeth Sinaga, who is studying music at the Indonesian Education University in Bandung, as she prepares to contribute to the GKLI music ministry
– Ilene and Rev Dr John Thiel, who continue to support Lutheran Education Malaysia, and those staff in Malaysia who care for the young people in their care and teach them about Jesus’ love for them
– Jennifer Khoo-Chua, from Bedok Lutheran Church, Singapore, who has recently completed the Introduction to Pastoral Care Nursing course through Lutheran Parish Nurses International
– Endeavour College, Mawson Lakes, SA and their partnership with SD GKPS, SMP GKPS 3 Jalan Sisingamangaraja and SMK GKPS 3 Jalan Sudirman Pematangsiantar, Indonesia
– Manawatu Parish (Palmerston North and Fielding), New Zealand and their Mission Partnership Team Roy, Lois, Pauline, Dulcie and Butch as they partner with Rumah Chrestus, Malaysia
– the COVID-19 situation to ease and immigration applications be approved so that Rev Dr. Charles Peterson can take up this role in person as the newly appointed director of the Lutheran Study Centre in Indonesia
– Olli Pitkänen, FELM`s Regional Director, Mekong and Oceania, as he support’s FELM`s missionaries who are currently not able to return back to the field and navigate their adjustments to activities due to COVID-19, while learning new ways to operate in the mission field


Join us in prayer

Prayer is a vital part of engagement in God's mission. Through prayer we hear God's voice, and he helps us to see people and situations the way he does.

You are invited to join in God's mission by praying for (and with) our partners in mission, month by month.

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